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How to Make it Big in Plus Size Modeling

Like all other fields of the entertainment business, plus size modeling is a tempting and yet lucrative career. If you possess the personality to be a plus size model, it is an advantage. You do not transform into a model for any market overnight though. Time and effort needs to be exerted. Becoming a successful plus size model requires perseverance, patience, and sometimes sheer luck. Begin the transformation with yourself and the rest will follow.

What It Takes to be a Plus Size Model

plus size model

Plus Size Super Model Katya Zharkova 

Plus size modeling requires a plus size body measurement. This ranges from sizes 12 to 16. Height follows the same rule as regular modeling do. Even plus size fashion models should tower with at least 5’5” in height or higher. An overall presentable look despite a full figure is a plus. Personality and beauty or anything attached to physical appearance are minor factors only. How you present yourself in any medium is what it takes. Medium may be runways, captured video, or print and film.

How to be a Plus Size Model

Since becoming a plus size model does not happen overnight, quitting a day job or school is not a good idea. It is best to maintain your current status as a backup plan. Learn practical modeling first through various sources. You can read printed materials like magazines. You get updates about the modeling industry for plus size women. You may also want to utilize ideas online through different websites. You can read articles and watch video clips about modeling in general.

If budget and time permits, you can attend workshops and training. You may also enroll in short courses on modeling. These are offered in fashion schools both online and in traditional locations. Herewith, you learn modeling basics. Personality development is always included in most lessons. Being in large size clothes with confidence is one of the important factors in plus size modeling.

A mentor is an advantage for you too. This mentor may or may not charge a fee. Having a fashion modeling veteran or professional mentor has many advantages. You not only learn the techniques and methods, you understand how it is applied in this craft. The mentor may already even have contacts that can help you in this endeavor.

Be on the lookout for fashion shows online and in nearby cities as well. Some fashion modeling agencies and fashion experts sponsor shows to find potentials model and talents. FFF Week is a notable name in the plus size fashion industry. It produces fashion shows for full figured women all over the U.S. and in major cities overseas.

Start Modelling Locally

When you have learned the basics, you can move on to the next step. Most suggests that you start local. Find a department store or fashion shop who may need your services. You can wear fashionable plus size clothes and be a moving mannequin for them. Find modeling contests within your location too. It may or may not be about full figured fashion but the experience will help you a lot. You put to practice walking down the runaway, projecting for photo shoots, and working with different types of individuals behind the scenes. Making it big in this type of industry begins with you. Learn the tricks of the trade first. Next, practice the trade locally. Then, you can move forward slowly but surely towards that great goal.

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