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Wilderness, Depression and Stars in the Night: Message for this Heartbroken World

Jefferson Bethke has uploaded and shared a new Spoken Word video that is very relevant at this age. In this video entitled "Wilderness, Depression and Stars in the Night", Bethke talks about how he was depressed five years ago and how his life was changed difficultly and unexpectedly.

The video looks amazing with clips of him walking through the wilderness. Notice that the lighting was lacking but that effect is to show that it is dark in the wilderness—which represents emptiness, depression, pain, and even death. But Bethke emphasizes the beauty of being lost in the wilderness and knowing these difficult truths of life—which we all face at some point in our life. His video will inspire all of us who are experiencing difficulties in our lives right now. He points out how these difficulties could be a blessing instead of a curse.

Hurray for editing and special effects! That last scene where the camera pans up to the sky is incredibly unbelievable. But it emphasizes the fact that when you are in the wilderness, the stars in the sky are way brighter. He opens into a more detailed description of how stars look like in the wilderness and relates it into our life experiences. His insights are so uplifting and enlightening that we all need to hear it.

Bethke talks fast but at the same time crisp and clear because he has divided the lines and words in his new poem amazingly—like a haiku. His pauses were perfectly placed which gives it more time to penetrate into your mind, your heart, and your entire being. Important words are flashed on the screen to give more emphasis and add effects to the Spoken Word video. It’s like a music video except there’s no singing. His words sound like a rap but more conversational and really reaching out to the viewer.

Cinematography is well done—it fits exactly with the message of darkness and depression. The music bed features the song “Stars in the Night” by Tenth Avenue North is also perfectly inserted for the message. This YouTube video gets 5 out of 5 stars! It deserves to be viewed, liked and shared—not because it is that good but because people need to hear what Bethke has to say in this video. People, especially the young generation, need hope. And I believe this video could give that to this heartbroken world.

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