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26 Quotes You Can Share

Here's an inspiring gallery of quotes presented through colorful images. Most of which were conceptualized at the lowest points in my life, a feeble but sometimes effective attempt to encourage myself to get up from being down in the dumps. So I hope you find the same inspiration which I did from these self-help personal quotes. 

Battle Scars in Life

Investing Money for the Future

Looking Back on the Past

On Intelligence

Hungry and Drunk with Friends

Greatest Enemy - Self

Remembering and Moving on

Character and Class

Get Up When You Fall

On Wanting More

Music of Life

The Past, Present and Future

The Truth Will Set You Free? Not!

The End, When?

About Evil

Making Sense of the Senseless

Brilliant Minds and Innovation

On Helping People

The Truth

Ask for Help When You Need it

On Timing

Rise Above the Ruins

Filipino Quotes:

Ang Nakaraan

Bulok na Pagkatao

Asal Crab


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