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The Gathering of Pure Love Tears Finally Ends This Week

This week, Pure Love, ABS-CBN's local adaptation to the Korean drama 49 days which aired in 2011, is ending. Yes, after forty days of Diane’s search for pure love tears, the winding story of a family broken into bits and pieces is finally coming to an end. Diane, an enthusiastically overly-optimistic gal who is too gullible that she didn’t see her best friend’s and fiancĂ©’s betrayal is now in a comatose state and her soul is roaming around her family and friends gathering pure love tears in hopes of coming out of her coma and staying alive. Will she survive?

pure love ending

Surviving the coma

In the original Korean version, Diane survives the coma but also dies soon later. Is that also going to happen in the Pinoy version? I hope not. Most Filipino viewers don’t like a sad ending. They prefer happy endings that aren't realistic and expect a very light, hanging finish. For Korean drama series, that’s not the case, they prefer a more true to life ending to their stories, which is a slap in the face for most Filipinos. TV series are supposed to be a relief from their already dramatic lives. But ABS-CBN drama series has been creating a different trend lately. So we might just see the ending from the original. That, I can’t wait to see!

Acting as one

I appreciate acting for first time TV series stars Alex Gonzaga, Joseph Marco, Yen Santos, and Arjo Atayde. They played their roles well and with conviction on their character. Anna Luna is also somewhat impressive towards the end because she was given a heavy role as being one of the sources of Diane’s pure love tears. Yam Concepcion needs to step up. Her face looks the same in most of her scenes—that’s the challenge of being “chinita.” Of course, well-known actors like Sunshine Cruz and Peter Arcilla (playing the parents), make the story more effective. They all strive to capture the audience in the story that has already caught the hearts of many.

Special effects delay?

I’m not sure if there’s delay in the special effects or they forgot to apply it in the sequences where Diane was supposed to get the pure love tears. I notice it every time Diane is supposed to receive a tear, special effects aren't visible enough. A little exaggeration on that part would really help the audience stay in the moment where the actors are. That or our TV’s reception isn’t clear enough or my eyes are starting to feel the damage of working in front of the laptop for hours on end.

They have consistently taken the hearts of the viewing public and are now dragging them to an exciting ending. Only one question remains: with their success—so far, will they be eager to please the public and give them a happy ending or let them bawl into tears with the original Korean finish? Let’s all wait and see, shall we?

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