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My First Spa Experience

Yup, it is my first time to ever experience how it is to pamper one’s self in a spa service. No, I didn’t come from an isolated island or far flung mountain, I’m just not a fan of massage services. But my husband is and I’ve accompanied him several times. The experience wasn’t always thrilling though. So, how about a spa? We’ll see.

heavenly chi spa urdaneta city
this greets you at the reception area
It was through the humble Heavenly Chi Spa in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the suites but let me say that the place offers a few rooms for couples and family but there’s none for singles. There were homey wooden beds which remind me of our provincial life specially when I was younger. Each room also offers a receiving area where you can sit and relax while waiting for your therapist and a bathroom where you can shower prior to the session. It is actually recommended to take a short bath before a massage because it won’t be wise to wash after the session. Some even wait for as long as 8 hours or more before taking a bath after a trip to a spa.

heavenly chi spa urdaneta city
this is a painting which looks almost exactly how the place is
We chose the Swedish massage option. This uses massage oils and specific massage technique. I can feel every stretch and style applied. The masseuse will ask if the force is okay but I willingly obliged even if it’s starting to be a little painful. It wasn't pain exactly but a curious excitement. My husband heard me laughing and giggling throughout the entire hour. My husband enjoyed it in a different way. He slept through it!

Although we both had masseuse (female massage therapist), there were techniques that was not offered to my husband; most likely because it will be awkward or maybe because his masseuse couldn’t ask him (sleeping). The upper part of the buttocks was massaged O_o, she kneeled on my back with her full weight (?), and have accidentally brushed my nipples a bit while massaging the chest area. Weird. I was violated! :) Kidding aside, we both enjoyed the oil and hot stones massage before it ended. We were even offered free drinks afterwards and paid a promo rate fee only. Yes, our good therapists did deserve a tip!

So how was the overall experience? It was definitely fun and relaxing. But since I’m not really a fan of massage from the beginning, it’s not something I’d avail of regularly. 

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