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Lipstick 101: Knowing Your Undertones For A Perfect Shade

I have always been a “lippy girl”. Yes, you might indulge yourself with food, clothes, shoes or bags, but I always end up rewarding myself excitedly with a lube. So I can imagine when after hours of checking counter-by-counter or browsing the Internet and purchasing the “what- I –thought- was-perfect- shade” only to end up picking the wrong color. Quite frustrating!

lip stick shades for fair skin
shades for fair skin
Finding the perfect shade or color of lipstick that is flattering to you needs pointers to mentally think about when you find yourself in a counter with an overwhelming array of colorful sticks.

lipstick shades for dark skin
shades for dark skin

It’s All About Knowing Your Skin Undertone

       Understanding your skin undertone is the key that will save you from picking up the wrong shade. To find your skin undertone, do the wrist test. Go outside where there is a natural light (or just go near the window) and look at the veins on your inner wrists. If they appear bluish, you have cool undertones. If greenish then it’s warm.
lipstick shades for olive skin tone
shades for olive skin tone

shades for medium skin tone

   I made some categories for your skin undertones (based on the wrist test) for shades that flatter you the most:

Cool Undertones

           Fair Skin: Invest more on light brown and pinkish beige, nude, light mocha, light mauve.

        Medium Skin: Rosy pink, pomegranate, and cranberry will look absolutely fantastic.

        Olive Skin:  It will be more on brick red, brown reds, or caramel to compliment your skin tone.

         Dark Skin: Your complexion suits the most on dark reds like ruby red, deep plums, raisin and wine.

Warm Undertones      

     Fair Skin: Shell, sand, or nude peach and reds are options best for pale complexions.

    Medium Skin: It’s more on metal colors such as bronze, copper. Cinnamon is also flattering.

  Olive Skin: Olive skin tones are generally neutral, so you can pull of some shades without going wrong like nude, pink, orange, and red.

   Dark Skin: Be gorgeous in honey, ginger, or coppery bronze.

Good news is, there is also a universal flattering colors based on your skin tones:

Fair Skin:  More on bold reds and deep colors can emphasize your skin tone. Light brown and pinkish beige will be flattering as well.

Medium Skin: You can never go wrong with plums, raspberry and reds.

Olive Skin: Invest into light brown and dark berry to illuminate your olive radiance.

Dark Skin: Be bold in dark reds with a sheer of blue and deep plum to illuminate darker skin tones. Deep plums, berries and reds will look fantastic on you, too!
 No matter what undertones you have, the best way to highlight that great pucker of yours is a great sunny smile with the best shade you have. Have fun with the colors!

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