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Globetrotter on a Budget

When I was younger and very much broke, I encountered a quote in a book I bought at a garage sale. It says, “There’s a whole world out there.” It struck me since I have only been to one place, just my hometown. So if you are on a limited budget, travelling feels like impossible to do. But if you are a traveler like me who wants to experience the world without so much money to spare, here are some tips for you.

Book a seat sale flight

Nowadays, there are many flight sale offers out there. I always book my flight with the cheapest sale. But be wise since they offer it way ahead before the travel period so better plan the date ahead carefully to avoid any problems with your work or other engagements.

Globetrotter on a Budget

Book a hotel

Some hotel offers early bird discounts if you book way ahead online. So in my case, I usually book with Agoda online. It is hassle free. If you choose a hotel, always mind the location. For example, I usually booked a cheap but nice hotel near an MTR (Mass Transit Railway) or a bus station. You could just walk into the station to your next destination without having to pay a cab to get there. My advice on booking a hotel is checking the reviews first so that you will know what's good and bad about a hotel.

Plan your itinerary

Research first on what the tourist attractions are in a specific place. Use the Internet to find out how you can get there. If you want to shed some money and be comfortable, you can hire a tour guide. They will be the ones to make an itinerary for you and bring you to those places. But as for me, I am an adventurer at heart, so I usually just search the Internet on how to get to the place I want to go and roam the city on my own or with my travel buddy. When I went to Hongkong, I and my cousin just searched the web on how to get to Mongkok via MTR and with the help of a map as well as asking people on the street, we arrived there with no hassle and less expenses.

travel tips

So if the travel bug hits you, then go and conquer the world. I hope my simple advice helped you on your way to a spectacular globe-trotting adventure. Like they say, “The world is a beautiful place,” so why not go out there and experience it firsthand. Have an amazing trip! 

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