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What I think of the New "Left Behind" Movie

The Rapture is a heavy topic and I think the gravity of the situation was not presented enough in this new Left Behind movie with Nicolas Cage. It's not very effective in presenting why people are left behind. It was clear, yes, but not very effective.

Left Behind

As a viewer, I didn't feel the danger of being left behind—at least not as heavy as the Bible described it. The ending was hanging but they were all safe and survived the death-defying landing by the pilot played by Nicolas Cage. In fact, I think it would be more effective if they all died but then they're not supposed to because they have to experience seven years of Tribulation, according to End Times prophecies.

I understand that there was less gospel in the movie. It's a good strategy to let the people who invite unbelievers to explain the gospel to them. That part was acceptable and brave. I would have agreed to that decision if I were part of the production. But it felt like a low-budget film to me. Despite presence and appearance of more than a few famous Hollywood actors, the special effects are not as good as recent Hollywood movies. It may look authentic to some but it made me feel like I was just watching a movie. I believe that the goal of most, if not all films, is to keep the audience glued and get carried away. So that it will leave a lasting mark and response from the audience. In that area, the makers of the movie failed. 

The main actors seemed to act heavily while the cameos were a little off and not at par with the mains. Getting famous actors though is really a good step to add more people to watch it. The script, however wasn't impressive. It was too simple or too much. Cinematography and editing didn't help either. Evidently, there was too much to put in a two hour film that it surely wasn't easy to put the clips all together and build the story we want to see.

I’ve seen quite a few other rapture movies. The original Left Behind movie with Kirk Cameron who played Buck, was far better and more convincing to me than this one. But I know that’s probably just me because I've seen it. I sincerely hope unbelievers will watch this remake and ask questions about salvation and wouldn't want to get left behind.

I would take a friend to see it for the message but not because the movie is really great. It's not the worst movie of the year but this film could seriously do a lot better because I expected more from the movies of this era. It hurts me to give it 3 stars out of 5. 

Posted by Jehan Tandingan-Gesta

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