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7 Reasons Why Filipinos won’t be Bothered that there will be No 2014 Miss Universe

The Philippines is one nation where beauty pageant is a national issue. With 5 Miss International crown and 2 Miss Universe titles, 4 Miss Asia Pacific Quest scepter and crown, and one each in Miss World and Miss Supranational, the country ranks up there as one country that has sash factor in every beauty pageant it fields a candidate. But the latest news from Trump camp is that there will be no 2014 Miss Universe and instead, by January 2015, a new Miss Universe will be crowned. 

no miss universe 2014

Based on social networks feedback, it seems that Filipinos are not bothered by this turn of events.  And one might wonder how come, all of a sudden, Pinoys are stoic with this news.  Here are some assumptions and suppositions:

1.    With so many issues that remain unsolved and people involved in corruptions still enjoying the money they stashed, the Filipinos are more inclined to follow latest developments on the issues and personalities involved.

2.    It is already less than two years till the next elections. Filipinos are more sensitive as to who will be the next political leader considering that the country is divided if it really deserves the leadership that it has right now or eject him and worry what the future holds within the remaining term of the current president.

3.     It could be that Filipinos are back on their usual self; resting on their own laurel. With so many achievements in the beauty pageant circuit, that is enough balm for many Pinoys to sooth their frustrations when several years and decades ago, it is miracle for a Filipina to even end up as winner or as semi-finalist. 

4.    Calamities after calamities, Filipinos have realized that winning beauty pageants do not matter at all, as the Yolanda situation has proven that foreign aid will come and many Filipinos are still recovering from one disaster to another.  Who needs news that Filipinas are crowned as beauty queens when it cannot be translated as aids to alleviate their conditions?

5.    The Filipinos have already accepted the idea that we are indeed a nation of beautiful people and that there is no need for beauty pageants to affirm the truth. What they need right now are solutions to traffic, the MRT issue, the corruption dilemma, the leadership factor, and even the National Artist brouhaha.

6.    Social networks has provided countless material for Filipinos to share, like, and, post. Thus, many do not encounter the Facebook post that the next Miss Universe will be in Florida by January 2015.  It drowned from posts that deal about Philippine politics. 

7.    Lastly, many Filipinos might have been frustrated that after all that 41 years later since Margie Moran won, what the country achieved are bunch of runner-ups and semi-finalists.  So, why bother?

Personally, it could be a blessing that Filipinos are not reacting wildly with this latest development.  It can only mean that they have finally realized that there are more practical issues to deal with or they have accepted the fact that reality beauty pageants should be considered as an entertainment portion of their lives and not a national issue.  

Opinions by Alden I. Bula

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