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Top Home Automation Ideas that Needs to See the Light

          You might never know it but you are already experiencing the benefits of home automation by installing sophisticated gadgets. Here’s how it happens; for example, you have saved manual labor when you use your fully automatic washing machines; you just have been freed from temperature worries when you use your side by side refrigerators; and you are confident that your kids are safe from adult materials with your nanny software installed in your computers.  However, we want more.  I, too have home automation ideas that I am hoping to be developed.

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Thermal Gadgets

          It works like a temperature checker but it is not inserted in your armpits but rather installed in one corner of the living room or near your doors.  The gadget will read body temperatures and will alert homeowners that one family member is sick or a visitor is carrying disease driven viruses and bacteria.  It will be amazing to have this gadget so that we can immediately provide attention to a person who is sick and save more money before the illness worsens.  It will be more beneficial if the gadget can identify the virus and the disease it carries. 

Surveillance Gadget Linked to Mobile Phones

          Usually, surveillance gadgets are linked to a server with a recording capacity so that you can view the video when you arrive home.  However, there is a concern that you might be too late to notice the difference; thus, you need to monitor your home while on the move and immediately alert family members when you notice something that is not right.  Thus, we need surveillance applications and tools that are linked to our mobile phones.  It will be more helpful if the gadget can be linked to multiple mobile phones.  This way, all your family members share the responsibility of monitoring the house.

Auto Fencing Device for Kids

          These are planted and embedded in the floor and you program it to react when your kids step on areas at home which they are not allowed lingering on.  It is really frustrating at times when kids insist on what they want; thus, this gadget will make them stay put where you want them to be while you continue performing unfinished household chores. 

Auto Vacuum Cleaning Appliances

          When you are away from home for an extended period of time, one of your worries will be dust and dirt accumulated in your house.  Thus, you need a vacuum cleaner that operates independently when it detects a volume of dust and dirt.  So by the time you arrive home from a vacation or holiday, you have lesser worries about cleaning your house.  You do not need to sweat it out with your vacuum cleaner.  You start by throwing the contents in the dust bag then wiping the furniture and other items. 

          I hope that these will be developed soon.  If they are available already, can you tell me where to find them?

Contributed by Alden I. Bula

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