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The Pros and Cons of Stem Cells Research

Stem cells research is deemed as the future of medical health.  It is a process of investigating non-specialized stem cells to recreate and multiply in order to repair damages in the body brought about by health complications.  These are extracted from the body in the case of adult stem cells and fetuses in the case of embryonic stem cells.   These are engineered to multiply and replace dead cells as well as organs.  The body has no problem accepting stem cells as it has the same DNA blue print with the body.  So, stem cell research might be an answer to some but just like any other social issues, there are pros and cons. 

stem cells research

The Pros of Stem Research

The most common and popular advantage frequently cited regarding stem cell research is it might be the missing link to cure incurable illnesses like Parkinson’s disease,  Alzheimer, diabetes, cancer, cardio vascular disease, and even spinal injuries.  In other words, stem cells research will save millions of lives in this planet. 

Another advantage of stem cells treatment is the decrease of risks associated with organ transplant due to outright rejection of the body with transplanted organs.  Stem cells have higher guarantee that the body will not treat it as an invasion of abnormal properties and the body will not be provoked to attack the new organ. 

Stem Cells Research

You do not have to wait for organ donors.  The problem with organ transplant is finding donors and not just donors but acceptable ones. These are people with DNA and other body properties that are almost exactly the same as the patient. This breakthrough will help millions of people.

Also, as noted earlier, stem cells might be the key to cure incurable diseases.  Thus, further research and discovery will lead to treatment that will help save money.  Maintenance drug prescription, preventive health management, and caregiving maintenance will no longer be the order of the day.  You can just imagine how much money is spent on patients with incurable diseases. 

The Cons of Stem Cells Research

The benefits from stem cells research are really phenomenal; however, there are always other factors to consider.  The disadvantages of stem cells research are subjective.  These are mainly dependent on ethics and religion. 

          For instance, embryonic stem cells are extracted from fetus. This raises the concern of intentional abortion to generate the required stem cells for medical treatment.  As we all know, members of different religious communities are mostly pro-life. 

          It also creates fear that the scientific community will maliciously create another life form and use it as sources of organs.  Even if is artificially created, killing that clone for organ donation is still murder.  People do not need to be killed in order to save someone else. 

          Stem cells research is definitely the future of health and medicine unless issues are resolved.  There has to be a general consensus and consultation so that man will benefit from this.  Those who believe otherwise should present alternatives and compromises to help resolve the issue.

Contributed by:  Alden I. Bula

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