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Four Rational Ways to Support Good Politics

          According to some, good politics is briefly summarized by Abraham Lincoln in his famous speech “The Gettysburg Address” where he stated the famous phrase “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  However, good politics is always surrounded with vested interests.  It cannot be denied that politics is one arena where all forms of exploitation are possible.  As one famous singer sang in her song “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” 

          As a citizen of a democratic government, each one of us has the right to good politics and we have an active duty to attain it. People also have the responsibility to promote good politics and shun bad politics.  So how do you help improve and promote good politics? Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Make Your Ideas Known

  Very often, politicians commit acts which are opposite what constituents want.  This happens when people are not concerned with politics and do not share their own points of view, whether supporting or opposing.  As a citizen of any republic, we have to inform our political leaders that we are supporting good politics, we have different ideas to share, and we want to be heard. 

Act Now to Be Heard and Known

          However, our supporting or opposing ideas will remain in the four corners of our home if we do not present it.  You can do a lot of things in order for your ideas to be heard through the following: write to your congressman and express your support or opposition with regards to his leadership, ideas, and programs. You can also attend public town hearings to share unsolicited or unsolicited opinions. You may also utilize popular media such as written letters to editors of publications to express your political thoughts.

Validate Your Claims

          Your ideas will have greater chances of being heard, known, and taken into consideration if you back it up with evidences.  Refrain from being a victim of false logic and offer only opinions which have sufficient proofs.  When no proof or evidence is submitted, your ideas will remain an opinion and will offer no impact for good politics.

Emphasize Good Politics Actions and Point Your Opposition

          You don’t get support when you tend to antagonize a person or organization.  It helps when you express your viewpoints. Emphasize good political acts accomplished by your leaders before pointing out your opposition against them. In this way, your congressman or mayor will be impressed that you know your local politics.  At times, our politicians also need a pat in the back for the things that they have done before.

          With a lot of political issues confronting the nation such as failing health care program, defective foreign policies, and staggering economy; it helps that we contribute our own ways of promoting and improving good politics. It is not wise that we simply leave our fate in the hands of our political leaders and let them decide without considering our own ideas. 

Contributed by : Alden I. Bula 

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