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How to Make Sandwich Rolls

          One of the things that I like in this sandwich rolls recipe is versatility.  When I learned how to make this food, it was called ham and cheese rolls.  I prefer to call it sandwich rolls because you can use any available ingredients like sardines, tuna, eggs, bacon, and other sandwich ingredients.  In fact, you can reinvent the recipe just like I did.  Here’s my own version of sandwich rolls.

How to Make Sandwich Rolls

6 teaspoons of mayonnaise
6 teaspoons of pickle relish
6 pieces slice ham
6 lettuce leaf
6 slices of loaf bread
Cooking oil
1 pack medium size bread crumbs
3 eggs


1. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin.  It should be not thin enough so you can roll it easily and bond it after loading the ingredients.  Note: You may or may not cut the edges of the bread.

2. Then, spread one teaspoon of mayo on top of the sliced bread.  Next, apply one teaspoon of pickle relish evenly.

3. Place the ham (spice, sweet, or any ham will do) afterwards and put the lettuce leaf on top of the ham.

4. Roll the bread carefully and tightly.  Be sure that you will not create holes around the bread while rolling it.

5. Batter the eggs and dip each sandwich rolls.  Then, pour the bread crumbs on a flat, spread it, and roll the rolls into the bread crumbs.  Press lightly while rolling so that the bread crumbs will really stick to the bread.

6. Heat oil. Set the fire to medium and fry the rolls.  Turn each side for even cooking and once it reaches a golden brown color, remove from frying and shake lightly to remove excess oil.  While others may prefer deep frying, I choose not to as the rolls will eat up too much oil and it is not healthy anymore.

7. Place the rolls on a plate and it is now ready to be served.  Remember that this food is best eaten when it is quite warm already, not very hot.


          As mentioned earlier, this snack food is versatile.  You can substitute the ingredients. You can use shredded chicken, incorporate mash potatoes, use peanut butter, catsup; name it you can do it.  It will be great if you want to try different variations so that you and your family will not get tired of the same flavor every time.  Of course, you have to adjust the measurements if you want to make more than 6 sandwich rolls.
Benefits of Sandwich Rolls
          The reasons why I like preparing this food are: it is easy to prepare and it only takes less than an hour to prepare all six rolls.  There are no complicated cooking methods to use.  You can always make use of any available ingredients in your kitchen.  You can alter some ingredients to adjust to your diet and lifestyle.  Most of all, making this food is a great bonding moment for you and the kids.  They can help you flatten the bread as well as spread and roll the ingredients. 

Recipe by Alden I. Bula

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