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Can You Escape from Ebola Outbreak?

Ebola virus is an epidemic disease that is now threatening people from all over the world. The truth is that 90% of Ebola patients died. With the fact that there is still no cure for this condition, it is necessary that people should be aware about it, how they can get away from it, and know its symptoms in order to instantly report someone infected by the virus and treat it right away.

ebola virus
Ebola virus had killed more than 3,000 people from various places particularly in West Africa. And on October 1, they have found out that a man who lives in Texas is already infected by the virus which is the first case in the United States. So in order to better understand what this outbreak is all about, let us first discuss what Ebola virus is.

What is the Ebola virus?

Ebola virus is a deadly disease transmitted from animals like monkey to humans. It can spread out with direct contact of the blood, body fluids, and organs from one infected by the virus to another person or animal. The common symptoms of Ebola virus include fever, headache, sore throat, and muscle pain. If the situation gets worst, it can lead to vomiting, kidney and liver failure, diarrhea, rashes, as well as internal and external bleeding.

Precautions against Ebola Virus

Though there is still no exact cure for this virus, you can still perform necessary precautions to keep yourself away from getting infected. Patients with Ebola virus should always be hydrated and stay in the hospital for observation. Of course, they have to be separated from other people to prevent the virus from spreading out.

For those people who are dealing with patients, they should be very careful when touching materials that have been used by someone afflicted with the disease because it is contaminated with the virus. It is a wrong notion to think that Ebola can be acquired from the air we breathe, water we drink, or the food we eat.

Safety Measures in Airports, etc.

Airports always stay alert to track people who might carry the virus. It is their job to look for passengers and detect if there is someone infected by Ebola. Knowing that it can easily spread out, performing safety measures is a great move to alleviate the numbers of Ebola patients.

Possible Cure, the ZMapp

What's great news is that doctors who have injected an experimented cure for Ebola virus, which is the ZMapp, to people who are infected found out that they had successfully recovered from their condition. This gives hope to people who are still battling the disease. 

Contributed by Jobelle Velasquez-Gabilan

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