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Being a Professional: What are the Rules, Who Decides, and Why?

Are you the boss of your own company or do you work under one? Nevertheless, there is one thing that both of you need to survive the harsh world of business and it is being a professional. Have you considered yourself as a professional? If you did, are you really a professional? Now that you have encountered these questions, it is time to look deep down into yourself and classify yourself as a professional that you are or is not.

In this modern era, the stereotype of an individual considered as a professional is someone who is capable of completing the job and having it done well. Truly, a professional should be competent enough to deliver the desired results. But this stereotype can never stand alone. There are a lot of fundamental things formulated nowadays to become a GENUINE PROFESSIONAL. Yes, emphasis is on those words for they are in all caps.

being a professional
·         Respect others

To be a true professional, one must know how to respect others. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you are in the same company with co-employees because they are also competent. They too have their own strengths, skills, and capabilities. In short, respect what they can offer the company. Remember, if you respect others, others will respect you in return.

·         Honesty is still the best policy

The word professional originated from the Latin ‘professio’ which actually means taking an oath or vow. When it comes to taking any oath, your full honesty is expected. Remember that your name is on the line here. Taking care of your precious integrity by being responsible in all actions you make is crucial in surviving the company you are with. If you commit a mistake, admit it. People around you will definitely understand rather than leaving them in a dark room looking ignorant. Make them know what you intend to achieve also. Keeping hidden agendas is comparable to spitting lies all over the building. Enlighten them with what you really want to gain and others will help you accomplish this in return. Honesty in communication will pave the way to success in your company.

·         Committed to a quality of work

We have mentioned that every individual in a company is capable of something, including you of course. As capable individuals, you are expected to provide great results. Great, meaning you have to show quality work. Being a professional means one must be committed to quality work. Aim and give all your best, whether it is as little as offering your boss a cup of coffee or as big as completing a crucial project of the company.

·         Go beyond what you can do

As we are talking about living up to the expectations of others, this should not limit you. Break the barriers of these expectations and outgrow yourself. Go beyond what you know you can do. As a professional, there is no other way but to go forward. As you move forward, let others join you. Share this big dream of yours and encourage them to know that they can achieve this as well. Buzz Lightyear doesn’t say “To Infinity and Beyond” for no reason at all right?

What you just read here are just the basics of being a true professional. But who decides the rules of being a professional? Being a professional starts with one’s self. You are the one who decides about the true nature of being a professional. So be true, stay genuine, and keep it in mind that you are a professional. Not any professional but a GENUINE PROFESSIONAL.

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