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5 Reasons Why I Never Get Tired Watching Con Air

          In 1997, Jerry Bruckheimer produced “Con Air” and was directed by Simon West.  The story was about an army ranger who was sentenced to prison for excessive manhandling of a drunken man resulting to killing him.  He did just what he did to protect his wife who was very pregnant at the time of the incident.  Eight years after, he obtained a parole and was on his way when the plane was hijacked by prisoners who would be transported to another prison.  Lots of action scenes ensued thereafter.  Finally, at the end of the movie, the army ranger was reunited with his wife and daughter.  The prisoners were either killed, recaptured, and one escaped. 

con air

There are five reasons why this movie is my favorite action movie.  First, on the list was John Cusack.  Before this movie, I only saw him in Sixteen Candles, Gross Pointe, High Fidelity, and Say Anything.  Those movies were teen flicks, comedy, or serious themed movies.  I never expected that he could do action as well until this movie.  He possessed a baby face appearance and that made me believe that he would not fit in action movies.  I was proven otherwise in this movie.

Second was Nicholas Cage. When he started making blockbuster films like “The Rock,” I would wait for his next action film and “Con Air” came after “The Rock.”  I thought that the movie was hugely successful because of Sean Connery.  In “Con Air” the movie topped the box office charts solely on his strength because John Cusack has yet to make a blockbuster movie of his own.

Third reason was the official soundtrack performed by Trisha Yearwood entitled “How Do I Live.”  The song had two versions when the movie was released.  It was Yearwood’s version that was used in the film.  I prefer this version as opposed to that of Lee Ann Rimes.  Trisha’s vocal performance and maturity fits well with the song.  Lee Ann Rimes as I believed was still 16 years old at that time; thus, her version lacks a certain degree of sincerity.

trisha yearwood how do i live

Fourth reason was Renoly Santiago. Renoly who?  You might not remember the name but his character was memorable.  He was the gay prisoner in the movie.  It was quite daring and brave for the producer of this movie to include a gay character.  Mind you, Renoly was not sodomized in the movie.  Thus, it made the movie totally acceptable as it did not went into gay bullying or bashing.  Renoly even held a gun in one scene.

Fifth, a man literally fell down from the sky.  I will never forget this scene because for me this was beautifully thought of and executed.  You can just imagine the shock of the old couple whose car was heavily smashed and damaged when the body landed on it. 

          One interesting experience I have with this film is that I saw this movie a hundred times already whether intentionally or not.  I usually see it when riding a bus.  They always play it on a DVD aboard the vehicle.

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