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The Lie in #YOLO

"You only live once" or YOLO is a matter-of-fact phrase that has trended in the social media since 2012 and has been added to the new slang dictionary. It is very well-meaning and it inspires you to do things you want, to run for your dreams, and to live your life to the fullest because, as it says: you only live once. 

But stop and think exactly what it promotes among the young generation. YOLO actually screams out of recklessness. They say or post things like, “I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm but I went and got two piercings instead," #yolo #swag. It is a culture that says it is okay to do something even without thinking of the consequences because you only have one life to live so you can and must do everything and anything you wish. 

Imagine their future! It would be difficult to stop them from making mistakes and yet they will think they will not regret it. Perhaps you'll think that they can live to the fullest while they're young. Let them enjoy. We've been there. We know what it's like and it's ok. 

But if you listen to them and read their tweets and Facebook updates, they send a message across: CARELESS. We are raising a generation who is bold and careless plus unreasonable! Can you imagine what a chaotic world it will be in the future? The children of today should know that there is life after death that is something to look forward to or be scared of, depending on their beliefs, choices and actions here on earth. 

Being bold, careless, reckless and unreasonable in their actions and decisions in life means they are the master of their own life. Living a licentious life makes them think they are above the law. Someone should tell them that there is a Law and that not everything is permissible. That there's a 100 kph speed limit on a wide road even if there's no traffic. That God is watching even if we think no one is. 

Licentious people usually end in the pits. They end up finding themselves at the bottom of drinking peers who don't truly care about them. They end up asking if where they are is the end of life. They end up getting lost and confused. 

The youth of this generation need fit and firm fathers. Fathers who will tell them what and what not to do while they are young and know less. Fathers who will guide them and be good examples as they watch the world through them. Fathers who will disciple, instead of discipline them as their expression of love. 

The problem is: not all of us have fit and firm fathers--heck! Not all of us have fathers at all! But the good news is we have a Father in Heaven who is alive and available all the time. He is the Father who assures us that we don't only live one life. He gives us a chance to live a new life everyday in freedom from recklessness, confusion and licentiousness. In Him, we can find hope and fulfillment for the thirst that the pleasures in this world can never satisfy. 

The next time, somebody uses YOLO as an excuse to do something impermissible, tell them that there is life in God. YOLO is a lie because there is real and far better life than this one. So save your best life for that life after this.

Contributed by Jehan Tandingan-Gesta

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