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Reintroducing Free Minds Free Lines

While most blogs are introduced through the very first post or through the About page, I can’t help but make a re-introduction to “Free Minds Free Lines” due to a comment posted in one of the recent posts.

free minds free lines blog

To start with, please pardon the long title. I didn’t think it through at the beginning but I’m stuck with it now due to link juices already dripping with that name. But simply explained; it’s free minds expressing thoughts through free lines. Corny I know. :)

Now, in response to the comment in the photo above, although I’ve already posted a reply, I’d like to expound further.

First, I’m not SEO writer. True, I am involved with search engine optimization. I love helping websites rank at search engines but I’ve abandoned SEO completely for this blog since that Google penalty in 2012. It would be great to land the first page for certain keywords but I’d like to see that happen naturally without having to use any tricks. It’s difficult to compete with established blogs anyway.

I know I’m not the best writer but I’m not exactly aiming for Pulitzer either. I’m now just here for fun and public service. Hence, I post contact information for some brands, delivery options, how to avail of certain products or services, and so on. I’m not fond of lengthy posts either. Most reader’s attention span for articles is no more than 5 minutes and many would wind up scanning about 20% of posts only. Even the blogging guru Seth Rodin employs short posts almost all the time.

I love pictures. This explains why most of my posts for the past few months had been dedicated to photos. I even created a menu tab for it. It comes after home and then food which means I love photography next to food. :) I’m not the best photographer though. I have no training whatsoever and although I have a DSLR camera, I mainly use my phone; its 41 MP, that’s why. I don’t believe I can turn this blog into a photography portfolio just yet since I’m but a noob when it comes to photos, anyone care to mentor me?

Since I love food the most, there are countless posts about it where I mostly just post pictures with a short info and caption. It’s food porn as they call it. I find it a waste of experience to not capture the food in film before it’s consumed and share about it through a blog where it can potentially stay there for good. But I’m not aiming for freebies. Heck, I have no idea how much I’ve spent on food trips. Yes, all the restos, food places, and foodies featured here were not for free. I paid for every single dime and I will continue to pay for good food without asking for anything in return.

So, thank you very much folks for dropping by, liking, and sharing. Comments and feedback are all appreciated, yes, even negative ones too. :)

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