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Maternity Staples That You Have To Have For Expecting Moms

Despite the downs of pregnancy like morning sickness and drastic changes in the body due to the growing baby inside, an expectant mom still has the option to be trendy and stylish while undergoing the whole ordeal of pregnancy.

             Dressing up is still a fun thing to do while enjoying the baby bump. Here are the list of must-haves that you might want to invest for not just to be stylish but to be comfortable too.

Pants such as drawstrings, super-elastic waistband (to replace zippers and button-downs) low-rise, jeggings and maternity leggings. Nothing beats the comfort provided by a good pair of pants during pregnancy. Also choose a pair of stretchable pants that provides good support to your belly bump.

Fashionable Maternity Dresses and Skirts. You might be surprised that your maxi dresses which you reserved during summer can be worn all throughout your pregnancy. Dresses and skirts are not just fashionable but essential clothing during the whole course of pregnancy. It gives comfort as you can move well, air circulates freely and it doesn't go out of fashion.

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Shoes. Balance and weight gain has to be considered as your pregnancy changes the center of your gravity. These changes can affect your balance and added weight can often cause clumsiness and falls. Selecting and investing into sturdy yet comfortable shoes (like ballet shoes, sneakers and quality running shoes, flat sandals and slip-ons) is strongly suggested. You might want to spare your favorite killer shoes for the meantime.

Maternity Bras. Pregnancy will enable you to undergo into several physical changes, one of them will be breast enlargement. Cotton bras and sports bras are highly recommended as they fit well on the area around the breasts and prevent pressure. Most often, pick up a size thrice bigger than your regular size as your weight increase goes on up until your third trimester.

Maternity Panties. With the increase of your size, your dainty, lacy panties may not fit you anymore. It is best then to invest for cottony maternity panties that can support your baby bump. Maternity panties provide great comfort.

                 Aside from the glow caused by the hormonal change, it feels great that this glow radiates along with what you want others to see of you overall. Being a fashionable momma doesn’t need to be expensive, as comfort during this stage is more of a MUST

                     Have a happy and safe pregnancy!

Jessie Dericto, 28 years old is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Virtual Assistant and a nursing mom. If she is not doing anything, she either spends her time with her family or do something artsy.

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