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How to Clean Your iOS Gadget Without Compromising its Warranty

You can’t help it but there are times when your iPhone, iPad, and iPod gadgets freeze and you cannot use it.  There are several reasons why this happens, some of which include the following: too many applications opened or your screen simply won’t function when you tap it to close an app or reset settings and configurations.  The logical solution is to clean the screen.

It might be a simple solution but there are complications that are involved.  Warranty period and conditions are locked with the item and you have to be very careful when handling and using the product; otherwise, warranty coverage will be voided by the manufacturer.  Thus, you have to follow what the manual has recommended which is only to tinker it through an authorized service representative.  However, in cases where cleaning the screen is only needed, do you need to follow the warranty condition?
The answer is you might want to if you can guarantee that the device will be cleaned without damaging it or voiding the warranty.  Here are some simple tips when cleaning your iOS gadgets:
  1. First, you have to unplug the gadget from whatever it is connected to: power outlet and cord, charger, USB connectors and what have you.  You should never have any devices connected to your gadget when cleaning.
  2. Determine the extent of cleaning that you need to do on the surface.  Check if the screen or the body has oil and fingerprints or is just a little bit dusty. There are cases where dirt and imprints are difficult to remove.  Each of these cleaning situations needs differing approaches.
  3. If there are no hard to remove particles embedded, a simple dry and non-abrasive microfiber cloth will do. Wipe lightly at first then do it repeatedly until the imprints are gone and your gadget looks polished enough.
  4. For difficult to remove particles, one thing to remember is to not spray liquid solution directly to your gadget.  Using the same kind of fabric, dampen the corner edge of the cloth with liquid solution and target areas or surfaces embedded with hard to remove dust, dirt, and other particles like gums, and greases until these are removed.
  5. The longer you use your gadget, the more the screen is subjected to wear and tear and the above mentioned solutions will no longer be applicable.  At this point, you may spray liquid solution directly to the gadget but use only liquid that is intended for electronic parts and gadgets.  Do not use household solutions like those containing ammonia, bleach, and alcohol.
 Clean Your iOS Gadget
iOS users often forget how to store their gadgets properly when not in use. Bags and other items are prone to developing moisture or accumulating dust and dirt.  The same applies to tables, drawers, and other areas where gadgets are kept when not in use. The lesson, therefore, is to clean your gadget as well as your surroundings for additional protection to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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