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Cheaper Alternatives For A Trendier "BER" Months Ever!

Everyone’s excited every time the “ber” months get started. Who isn't anyway? The countdown is already on and the Philippines, known to have the longest Christmas season will be in the spotlight once more.

What is the reason why “Ber” months is so well-loved by the fashionistas? Well, is the best time for them to break all records again, on the loose of being garbed with the coolest ensembles ever.

And if you are one of the members of the pack but with a tight budget , then here are some alternatives that you may want to do to still be on top of the game with lesser out-of pocket shreds.

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Raid your closet or that of your mom or dads. “Shopping in your own closet” was coined because of this. It is the time to check the heap. You will be surprised that you have plenty of items that just need to be mixed and matched. If not, ask permission from your parents to raid theirs instead, finding items that you can rock.

Trips to Ukay-ukay or thrift shops. If you want to be uniquely dressed yet on a budget, this is the perfect place to find one-of-kind items at a low price. The fun is this, you can even haggle or bargain for more if you are good at it. You just have to have a lot of patience checking from one rack to another in order to end up with trendy buys. If you are not comfortable wearing second hand items, then this isn't your place.

Layering. It is the best season to layer clothing. Since the weather will be a bit unpredictable (warm in the morning, cold in the afternoon or evening), it is best to wear ensembles which you can add or remove any time of the day.

Repair, Reuse, Recycle. Do I need to elaborate more? As much as needed, the goal here is to spare you from spending so the 3Rs is the best alternative to stick to the plan.

Barter System. What I love being with friends is that I can easily exchange clothes that I don’t use anymore and vice versa.  Just make sure that both of you is open with the idea that people may recognize those items as the property of the other. But it’s the last thing that you have to worry about.

         Be wise. Be yourself. This is the season to be more thankful than ever and to feel good about everything.

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