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Back to Back Events at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia: The Best of Anime 2014 and the 35th Manila International Book Fair

It was the usual Sunday afternoon mall-ing. It’s always jam packed at the Mall of Asia but today was over ten times more than the normal weekend crowd, I think. I wondered why. We were driving amidst sardine can traffic looking for a parking space from end to end including the commercial center area, seaside, and lastly at the MOA Arena. We were able to park at the adjacent parking building and spared a few moments at a church nearby.

Walking towards MOA, the back to back events held at the SMX Convention Center apparently drew a huge number of people; The Best of Anime 2014 and the 35th Manila International Book Fair. The former was staged September 20-21 while the latter lasted from September 17-21. Both held their last day earlier today.

The Best of Anime 2014 offered activities at both scheduled dates from morning to evening. Anime lovers were present to witness the festivity including a cosplay costume contest. After the event, there were countless willing victims who happily spared a moment for photo ops. See pictures below.

Best of Anime 2014

The 35th Manila International Book Fair opened doors for numerous publishing houses and book stores to offer countless books. There was even this interesting section for high school robotics.

graffiti section
inside the book fair
inside the book fair

The stage was also set for special guests like Bro. BoSanchez, whose book with Dean Pax Lapid, “How to Turn Your Passion into Profit(8 Keys to Build a Truly Rich Business)” is something I’m reading right now.

35th Manila International Book Fair

Both events were overlapping as anime lovers were all over the book fair and vice-versa. What else can draw anime fans and book lovers together other than the SMX Convention Center and MOA?


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