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Apologetic Aegis Malaysia Withdraws the Controversial Video Ad, Says Sorry to the Philippines

“We regret the upload of the recent video on Malaysia. The video was developed locally by an agency and uploaded in error and the contents were NOT approved by Aegis Corporate,” according to Aegis Limited official statement.

aegis malaysia ad about the philippines
photo courtesy of philstar.com ( Google)
This is in reference to an offensive three-minute video that puts the Philippines into a bad light; criticizing the country’s vulnerabilities as a susceptible business environment  not only for BPO (business process outsourcing) companies but also for international investors citing unstable infrastructures, lack of government support, natural calamities, and even security concerns which highlights Malaysia as a better countenance.

It was Elcid Lao, a medical representative who shared the controversial promotional video of Aegis Malaysia on his Facebook account. The video caused berserk netizens to express their utter disappointments and became viral through a network-sharing frenzy.

The Philippine Embassy in Malaysia wrote a letter to the management that sought an explanation regarding the offensive video. It had been immediately pulled out from social media a couple of days after its release

The mother company of Aegis Malaysia released an apology statement on Monday stating that it did not authorize the release of the offensive video advertisement that promoted Malaysia over the Philippines.

The company shared its sentiments on how Philippines greatly played an important role in its growth and success since being acquired by People Support in 2008.

“We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines – great clients, a great leadership team and above all great employees,” it said.

Aegis Senior Vice President-Corporate Divya Dutta and Associate Vice President for Human Resource P. Ganesan personally went to the Philippine Embassy located in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday to express their apology. They were received by Eduardo Malaya, Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia.

The company’s execs apologized for the video ad, explaining they did not authorize the content of the derogatory video which questions the Philippines as a conducive business destination specifically for BPO companies, more so the release and uploading of it.

Aegis Malaysia further explained that as a global business, it “strongly care(s)” about the communities where it operates and is “fully committed to both diversity and inclusion.”

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda did not answer if the Malacanang accepted already the public apology of Aegis Malaysia, rather dismissed the disparaging remarks about the Philippines and emphasized instead stating that “What we’re very sure of is that we’re the number one BPO center in the world.”

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