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Airline Promos You Must Use For Discount Travel

Travelling by plane nowadays is no longer expensive. Competition has forced airline companies to find ways to make airline travel very cheap. Many initiated different promotional tools to encourage lower priced tickets and entice travelers to avail of such promos.  A lot of these promos do not catch the attention of some people though.  It could be that they have lots of money to burn.  But for individuals and companies who are conscious of their budget, the information below will be very useful. 

Travel Lite Promo

          This promo is designed to encourage people to bring only basic items and necessities when they travel.  It resolves the problem of overloading and minimizes the frequency of passengers being bumped off due to overloading of baggage and cargos.  The passenger will no longer pay baggage allowance and save more than fifty percent from regular airfare.  Travel Lite does not only save you money but also time since you do not have to wait in the carousel area to claim your baggage.

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One Month Advance Booking

          This scheme helps people plan their travel ahead of time.  You really need to do so in order to benefit from saving nearly half of the regular ticket price.  Airline companies anywhere in the world are offering this promo in order to maximize their trips; meaning more passengers, more income.  Because of this scheme, the gap between overland fares and air travel became narrower and makes it very attractive for travelers to travel by air than by land. 

Trip Cutting

          Airline companies have what they call dead routes.  Meaning, it is not profitable.  In order for these companies to battle dead routes, they offer trip cutting discounts where the passenger will take off and check in from one place to another until he or she reaches the desired destination.  Passengers may think that trip cutting can be tiresome though. 

No, it is not. When you are just travelling inside borders, you can stay in the plane while waiting for take-off.  In addition, some connecting flight schedules will allow you time to visit nearby places, giving you additional benefit of visiting the place without spending additional money. 

Card Bundle Promo

          Card companies encourage their customers to use credit cards and one way to make them do so is to offer travel points and convert it as travel fare.  If you want to avail of discounts from this scheme, you must review your credit card mails, purchases, and payments or visit the financial institution or airline's website to check for details.  You might be surprised that you have already accumulated enough travel points for one round trip ticket. 

Ask For More Discounts

          There is a chance that you can get bargain tickets.  How?  Check airline promos and see if each of the promos is exclusive or can be accumulated.  You may be able to get additional discounts when you book months in advance and decide to travel light. Some airline companies combine promos to attract more travelers for their airlines. 

          With all those promos mentioned, discount travelers are having the time of their life hopping from one place to another. 

Contributed by Alden I. Bula

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