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Sinangag Express 24/7

Sinangag Express, a 24/7 sinangag and egg meals restaurant is a heaven sent for those who work nights. I, for one, along with my team mates was a regular of this place when I worked at a call center. But even years after, old habits die hard, I, with my husband this time, still drop by on some occasions.

Sinangag Express
bagnet and Vigan longganisa meal

For menu options, list of branches, and delivery service, you may visit their official website.

More appetizing pics (liempo, bangus, Vigan longganisa, and bagnet):

Tocino & Vigan longganisa

Sinangag Express Delivery

(Update) I had the chance to avail of their delivery service as well. It was not a nationwide nor even regional (Metro Manila) number. It was for a specific branch nearby. 

Sinangag Express Delivery

While it's not as fast as fast food delivery service, it's a good alternative when you're tired of the usual fast food chain meals to call for. 

Since they don't have an official website or Facebook page, it will help to find local branch numbers through specific pages or Google (where I found the number to dial). 

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