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High on Hydroxycut

Here’s another addition to the long line up of weight loss products I have written about and tried, Hydroxycut. So what can I say about it that I haven’t said about other products before? I can’t think of any. :) One thing I’m certain though, based on experience, it does promise what it promises which is to help with your weight loss regimen. However, be ready with side effects.

hydroxycut hardcore elite
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
So what it does, like similar products, is to suppress appetite, when taken 30 minutes to one hour before your meal. You’ll feel full so you wouldn’t get hungry all the time or craving for snacks all too often. There’s also an enormous amount of caffeine content in this product that will keep you alive and kicking like a horse for potentially over 24 hours a day especially if you follow the recommended dose on the label. I’ve read feedback saying this thing just keeps you up at night no matter what time you take it. I can personally attest to that even with just a single dose. But for what it’s worth, you’ll feel energized for daily activities including physical ones like exercising or engaging in sports; like feeling high on Hydroxycut. Best of all, despite health related issues with this brand during its first few years in the market; it’s now improved and is even FDA approved.

I researched about similar products over the web but Hydroxycut is by far the best based on product contents, minimal side effects, and overall satisfaction rating/feedback from actual users. 


  1. Nice article! I've just started taking Hydroxycut. If you're sensitive to caffeen, yeah this will give you a serious jolt. Since going back to the gym, I've been falling asleep almost instantly! Hydroxycut hasn't seemed to keep me up at night - but I can see how it might affect people that way. I've been using for a week or so, just 2 pills a day. I feel like it helps, but no visible results quite yet. I think.

  2. 2 pills is ideal. It kept me up because I actually still drank coffee (2 cups). I tried 4 pills and I palpitated. 1 is even enough for the day when it comes to appetite suppression and energy boosting.


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