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2 Post Gender Reassignment Problems

If you’re gay and is considering undergoing gender reassignment, read through this first before you decide to finally go under the knife.

from change.org, the transgender insignia
According to a few real life transgenders who have already undergone the procedure, it’s not all heaven as many have perceived or promote it to be. In fact, it can become all hell gone loose. Why? Because of the following:

1.    BCP or bladder control problems. This translates to not being able to control urine like you used to do when your penis was still present. You don’t want to be wearing adult diapers this young do you?
2.     Smelly hole. With proper hygiene, women can still smell fresh but for transgenders with an artificial hole created to mimic a woman’s vagina, it can be smelly as hell no matter how much you clean yourself. People can get turned off by something worse than a man’s usual body odor when they smell it while sitting or standing next to you. 

These are but two of the most common post gender reassignment problems according to those who have undergone the procedure. I’m sure that there’s more to it than meets the eye, in both the good and the bad way.

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