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Typhoon Glenda Video and Photos

Metro Manila was already at signal number 2 yesterday but typhoon Glenda seems so surprisingly calm while we were driving around. But it could be the ‘calm before the storm’, so they say. And that adage held true. This morning, as early as 6 AM, all the way to 9 AM, the typhoon wreaked havoc: uprooting trees, breaking branches, and bringing with it roofs or anything it can carry while on its path of terror.

I captured a very short clip of the typhoon’s strong wind breaking the silence in this serene village here in ParaƱaque. I wished I drew closer to where the wind blew but I was too scared to get any closer than I was. 

Here are photos (in a video slideshow) of the debris and remnants left behind during the aftermath of the typhoon a few hours later. The subdivision’s maintenance crew had already cleared the paths and dragged trees and branches towards the outer lane of the road. These are very minimal compared to what other fellow Filipinos are experiencing right now. 

My husband, who was on the way home was stranded Tuesday morning around 8AM with other motorists at Resorts World. The guards stopped him and urged him to let the storm winds pass before driving again. Other motorists also temporarily sought shelter through the same building. 

Resorts World Manila Pasay

Thank God the storm has passed and electricity is back after more than 12 

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