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Hash Tag The Heirs

The Heirs, the local Filipino dubbed version, of a Korean hit TV series starring Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye is almost always trending on Twitter everyday, or at least the show's episode suggested hash tag. It's no wonder why because both young and old can relate to the usual Cinderella story line of this soap but with a fusion of drama, humor, action, romance, and numerous K-pop songs you've fall in love with.

The Heirs
Ryan's mom is not in this cast list

GMA's bet, the returning Jang Geum in Jewel of the Palace, is nowhere close in terms of hash tagging popularity. I've seen Jang Geum for months already in the past and although I fell in love with her character, I've moved on to a new love, The Heirs. :D 

Maki-hash tag na from Monday to Friday at around 4:40 PM. Last two weeks na!

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