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A Brief Review on the Instant Slim Time Diet Pills

Because of the FDA report on Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills, I decided to search for another brand. Curiosity got me when I saw a display counter for Instant Slim Time products at Watsons. So I dare tried.

instant slim time diet pills

What makes it different is that it’s supposed to contain safe ingredients due to the BFAD approval seal. I just have to choose between the slimming drops or the pills. The former seem challenging to use so I ended up with the latter.

The accommodating sales lady gave me instructions on how to use the product apart from what was already available at the back of the bottle. Like most similar products, it’s supposed to be taken about 30 minutes to one hour before meals, preferably during breakfast. Like other related pills as well, the effect is normally on appetite. Your appetite is suppressed and you’ll feel full with minimal food intake.

I consumed the whole package but didn’t notice any difference. I would assume that it’s most likely because I have only used it for about a month or that I don’t exercise the way I used to with other pills. I didn’t purchase the product anymore though so I have no way of telling if it will take more than one bottle to see any effect. Just for comparison, however, Hokkaido pills’ effects are noticeable within the first week even without exercise. Too bad, there’s an issue with the Hokkaido’s contents now.

As for Instant Slim Time pills, should you ever see it in Watsons and wonder if it works or not, it’s up to you to find out. 


  1. oh thanks for this review! i've seen this at watsons and was curious about it kaso mejo mahal ung 1 bottle haha

    1. Yup, medyo mahal nga. It does work though, as an appetite suppressant, that is.


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