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Birthday Buffet at Food Club Manila

Back at again The Food Club Manila to celebrate a burp full birthday buffet!

In the previous post, I mentioned that birthday celebrants at this fine dining buffet restaurant can dine for free. The rest of the guests would pay the regular rate (Php1,188) though and won’t be eligible for any more discount (normally 20%). I also mentioned about lobster weekends. Lo! Finally got a serving of these crustacean delights!

Here are snapshots of my self served servings:

can't get enough of candies, young and old!

ice cream, perfect for summer!

crustaceans, didn't pick the crabs though else it'll be overkill

from the Chinese section, err what's left of it

sashimi which you can pair with beer


chicken karaage

baked mussels



Whether it's for your birthday or any day buffet needs, The Food Club Manila is the place to be complete with a spacious and welcoming venue with friendly and accommodating staff surrounded by delectably delightful dishes!

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