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Swim at Cecile’s

Other than its popular restaurant, Cecile’s also offer a perfect summer treat to beat the heat, a resort right in BF Las Piñas and just a few blocks away from their restaurant.

Swim at Cecile’s

The resort features an adult pool, a kiddie pool with slide, and even a baby 
pool. There is also a private pool which can be reserved for a party. There are numerous cottages and tables with chairs shaded by tents too with an elevated section overlooking the resort. Expect the place to be jam packed though as it’s filled with everyone wanting relief from summer’s scorching sun.

Swim@Cecile’s can be reached via 823-1750 and is open from 8 AM to 10 PM daily including Holy Week. Entrance fee is 150 for adults and 100 for kids. However, kids above 4 feet pay the adult price.  

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