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3 Reasons Why Sulit.com.ph Need not be OLX.ph

Today, when you key in sulit.com.ph on your web browser, it’s now redirected to olx.ph. The merging of these two classified ads websites have been known since late last year although adapting the OLX brand name for Sulit is still quite surprising due to the following reasons:

sulit.com.ph is now olx.ph

1. Even if OLX is a world renowned brand when it comes to classified ads, Sulit is the bigger name in the Philippines. You would automatically associate the word “Sulit” with selling or buying stuffs online. OLX? I only knew about it a few years ago.

2. There’s no major change on the site anyway so why would they still need to re-brand? It’s the same in everything if you notice it. Personally, all my account details (ads included, forum posts too are still there). The only noticeable changes are on the URL, logo, and the name OLX visibly replacing anything that says Sulit.com.ph.

3. They should have diverted resources on more important improvements such as how to eliminate, if not lessen the incidences of scamming through the site and educate users about avoiding scam. I read about people posting how they have been scammed on the forum boards. It’s so disheartening to see the same scenario every single day that I sometimes just simply avoid that board altogether. Most everyone I know in the past who bothered to expose alleged scamming users have been harassed (even in Facebook) and on the phone like what happened to me. Hence, we all don't bother being bothered by what's going on in that site now, sadly. 

Anyway, to me, it’s still the same old Sulit.com.ph that I loved regardless of the OLX.ph brand change. Also, anyone can still type "Sulit.com.ph" on their browsers regardless of the name change. 

Congratulations to these two sites by the way. :D


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