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Matthew Martino Plans Outdoor Pilot Classes for Summer

‘Lets Fly’ author Matthew C. Martino has confirmed he is interested in arranging some ‘outdoor pilot classes’ for the summer in a bid to make the theoretical part of pilot training a bit more interesting.

Matthew C. Martino, Let’s Fly, London

He told us ‘The weather is really nice in summer and I would like to take advantage of that and get some Ground School students trained outside in the sunshine and this would help keep morale high as I know the feeling when you have many exams coming your way.’

The 21-year old aviation enthusiast announced his iTunes App ‘Lets Fly’ would forever be free and he has encouraged various other academies and aviation institutions to offer some form of free support to aspiring pilots. Martino, who initially wrote his pilots manual Lets Fly as a free guide to help out aspiring pilots has called on others to follow suit as he claims its ‘not an easy road.’
Martino also joked ‘Its time I started a Lets Fly book club.’ Martino is later this year expected to tell all about why he never made it as a commercial pilot and the challenges he faced in a bid to encourage other aspiring pilots in their journey to the cockpit.

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