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Burnham Park Baguio City Dancing Fountain

The 30 million peso worth of attraction in addition to countless features available in Baguio City is the Burnham Park dancing fountain. The spectacular display of water coming from underneath the floor in a seemingly choreographed dance is best seen at night, when it springs with various colors of red, green, blue, yellow, and more. 

It's but another chanced encounter (like revisiting Baguio yet again on a cold December) because we didn't even know about the fountain then. We were simply dropping by each usual Baguio tour destination and was headed towards Burnham Park to spend the early evening boating. Incidentally, we entered the park through the exact location where the dancing fountain was installed, at the Rose Garden. 

I tried to take snapshots but it was rather difficult considering the lighting or the lack thereof since it was quite dark. Anyway, the darkness made the colored water fountain lights more incredible. I was in wide mouthed awe all the time while capturing a few minutes of the show on video. 

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