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Blue Christmas

It was the night almost after Christmas (December 25 going to the 26) and the place was blue with the stage and all. It’s called Blue Wave and it’s located along Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. with landmarks Petron, Starbucks, and Jollibee outside. 

Blue Wave Bar

This is a long overdue post that I wasn’t able to post earlier than I should but there are still pointers worth writing about one or two months after the experience. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Note about the human traffic jam in Mall of Asia during December 25 and January 1. Between the two, the crowd flocking to MOA was definitely larger during Christmas. This is mostly because of kids and teens who have cashed in money from their family, relatives, and godparents. You can imagine how big MOA is and yet every square meter seems to be occupied with moving people. I have no idea if the same happens to other malls.
  2. Public transportation is scarce and expensive in Manila at this time of the year. Due to shoppers, mall goers, and those visiting public places or tourist spots that are open on Christmas, it’s quite difficult to find public transport, particularly taxi cabs. If you do incidentally find any, expect bargaining in terms of fee. This happened to us going to and coming from the gigantic seaside mall. We ended up waking farther away from the mall in the hopes that we’ll find transportation along nearby boulevards on the way home.
  3. Every place nearby MOA is jump packed too. Walking away from the mall, we saw several open establishments that are similarly filled with people. 
  4. Your parenting values will be challenged. One of the places we’ve dropped by to include the bar called Blue Wave. Apparently, many have also decided to past the time in the area while waiting for people to disperse. Some may raise eyebrows at parents bringing their kids, even little tots or babies at a bar but there were surprisingly numerous kids in the bar at that time. Most of them are already sleeping at their parent’s or family’s arms while some are eating pulutan. So much for parenting values but what can be done when you’re stranded with no transportation? It would be better to bring your own vehicle on a December 25 family day.
Blue Wave Bar

They’re blue but you’re blues will definitely go away when you drop by due to entertaining singing bands slash comedians. Some of which are even signed recording artists. Mocha Girls also perform in the bar on schedule. You can feast your eyes on ladies and gents from a nearby bar as well, one of whom is an Iwa Moto lookalike. You can also dine at fast food chains, sip coffee, and shop at the shopping strip inside the compound. 

It’s a blue Christmas but because of Blue Wave, my Christmas blues were definitely away afterwards.

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