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What’s New Dagupan?

It’s not that I haven’t been in Dagupan City for a decade as I’ve dropped by here countless times for varying reasons over the past few years (mostly for government services, i.e. NBI) but I thought about writing this post due to the nostalgia I’ve felt during our recent visits to this city. After all, here is where I’ve spent about 5 years in school or not, something I’m not proud of. O_o

To start with, it was last month’s Bangus Festival and the banner above welcomes visitors coming from the direction of the city plaza. We’ve also chanced upon the parade and I made a slideshow video of snapshots from it. See video below.

The succeeding photos were taken from the market in between CSI and Magic, two warring shopping centers with factions that have extended for over a decade and have also rooted itself in politics. It’s the same bargain haven for economy shoppers on the lookup for Christmas gifts and other affordable items. Food stalls have also been added.

father & daughter I love at far right

As for traffic, it’s the same scenario since the late 1990’s to early 2000 as seen in the images below. But it’s definitely at least better as compared to Metro Manila’s. :)

There are numerous new buildings all over the metro but Star Plaza has always been a landmark amidst the traffic clad A.B. Fernandez. It’s a beauty to see though if you’re taking photos from the towering Quattro Grill as documented in these posts:

The university I’ve attended hasn’t expanded in terms of space but they have consistently been producing top ranking graduates in various local board exams. Ahem!

Lastly, food trip wise, kaleskes (hot soup of animal insides) and pigar-pigar (carabao beef steak), two local delicacies you cannot miss when dropping by is ever abundantly present, along with the famous Dagupan bangus in fresh, boneless, and dried version.

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