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Are You Crazy Over Crazy Katsu?

It’s my husband’s curiosity this time which led us to Crazy Katsu. Numerous people he knows over Facebook had been tagging themselves to a branch of this Japanese restaurant. So we found ourselves in its BF Homes Parañaque branch one night.

crazy katsu

crazy katsu

It was crazy katsu indeed with several katsu dishes on the menu along with other Japanese food. The place, despite being minimalist in style, is cozy, referring to the BF Homes branch. Other branches as well as the rest of the menu are available via I have an issue with the dip/sauce though, it tasted odd. In Rai Rai Ken, you can enjoy an unlimited sauce, not because it’s unlimited but because the dip tastes good. Plus, the soap wasn't free being used to free soap in cheap karinderyas. :D 

So all in all, I wasn’t all too crazy but I still love the place. How about you, are you crazy over Crazy Katsu?

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