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An Aquarium for Php1000 at Cartimar

Cartimar in Pasay City offers numerous pet shops selling dogs, cats, birds, fishes, and more. And one fine Sunday afternoon, I was able to build a medium sized aquarium for about Php1000 only.

Aquarium Cartimar

Setting up an Aquarium

Technically, I didn’t actually build it. But what I did, err… we, :D was to put up an aquarium accommodating 10 gallons of water by purchasing everything needed through various fish stalls in Cartimar. These include the aquarium itself, several fishes (varying colors and specie), filter, aerator, submersible pump, fish food, plastic wallpaper, and ornaments. You may also optionally purchase a LED lamp and a cleaning solution although the filter may be sufficient to keep the aquarium water clean for several days. Use drops of the cleaning solution to instantly make the water clear as needed. Meanwhile, the aerator serves as oxygen tank while the submersible pump is used to pump oxygen deep beneath the aquarium.

materials needed for an aquarium
Before you start buying anything though particularly fishes, make sure to decide between salt water and fresh water. You cannot combine fishes from salty water with fresh water fishes and vice versa, so you can only choose one.

When buying parts and pieces needed, don’t settle for the first shop right away. Shop around and compare prices before buying. By shopping around, everything I need was purchased for about Php1000 only. 

Benefits of an Aquarium

Aquariums are beyond decorative in purpose. They also serve as a therapeutic object. Just watching the fishes swim through the water is relaxing enough. Pet ownership involving feeding, cleaning the aquarium, and so on instills a sense of responsibility and fulfillment among owners as well.

Getting to Cartimar

I’ve found two useful resources online on how to commute or drive to Cartimar. 

With the pointers above, you too can build your own aquarium for Php1000 at Cartimar! 


  1. good day, can I know more details about this? I really need this for my undergrad thesis.. thank you

    1. Hello! I suggest you visit Cartimar in Pasay. Everything you need will already be available. You can just compare prices from various shops.

  2. How much kaya sa drift wood kahit maliit lang

    1. Meron yata, less than Php100 (or higher), depende sa size.


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