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The Voice of the Philippines 2nd Live Show Results

Last week, 4 out of 24 #VoicePHLive contestants were sent home. The format was quite different from what I originally thought. 3 from each team performed (a total of 12 performers for the first liveshow). One from each team was saved through votes through text and online. Voting starts after the last contestant’s performance (from each team) and ends after commercial break. Another team member was saved by their team judge/mentor. The remaining contestant was then sent home.

The Voice of the Philippines
the top 24 from
The Voice of the Philippines First Live Show Results

Here’s a summary from last week:

Saved through public votes

Darryl Shy from team Lea (51.41%) - looks like Baguio folks are solid in votes
Thor Dulay from team Apl (43.63%)
Myk Perez from team Bamboo (54.80%)
Morissette Amon from team Sarah (57.60%) - I didn't wonder why, she already sings like a pro and looks like a pro

This statistics should give us an idea who viewers at home love.

Saved by the judges

Radha from team Lea
Jessica Reynoso from team Apl
Lee Grane from team Bamboo (why was this very predictable? ;)
Eva delos Santos from team Lea (similarly predictable yet rather disappointing because Junji Arias is a better choice marketability wise)


RJ dela Fuente (Team Lea)
Cora dela Cruz (Team Apl)
Talia Reyes (Team Bamboo)
Junji Arias (Team Sarah) 

VoicePHLive 2nd Show

Tonight, the following artists performed (a few comments included):

Team Bamboo

Angelique Alcantara – great fighting spirit advising teammates to start packing but didn’t deliver anything worth voting for during her performance
Paolo Onessa – soft and smooth but very effective; I’m sure ladies loved him!
Isabella Fabregas – wonderful performance and she looked gorgeous in white too!

Team Sarah

Yuki Ito – the LGBT community as well as Japanese-Pinoys will be proud of Yuki!
Klarisse de Guzman – what a transformation! She looked really good tonight and as always, her voice is astounding!
Maki Ricafort – I wonder why he wasn’t a band singer but a guitar secessionist before? He’s clearly an amazing singer!

Extra applause and standing ovation for every single member of this team tonight!

Team Apl

Penelope Matanguihan – a singer to beat for this team!
Stan Perfecto – muy perfecto indeed! When I was Your Man from Bruno Mars even perfectly matches his vocal range although he was a bit hesitant at some points probably because of a little problem with his throat.
Janice Javier – a big heart and a big voice combined!

A team to beat as well!

Team Sarah

Diday Garcellano – she lacked the power that the song possesses
Kimpoy Mainit – ang mainit na palakpakan ay karapat-dapat sa’yo! (You deserve a warm applause!)
Mitoy – I wouldn’t wonder why the live show audience was in uproar! Don’t worry Mitoy, I’m sure you’re fans still have mobile phone load for you!

Unfortunately, online voting isn’t working for tonight’s episode due to technical difficulties and may be back next week.

Voting Results

6.37% for Paolo from team Bamboo (did you guessed it right too?)
36.75% for Maki from team Sarah (I got it right again!)
42.82% for Janice from team Apl (ok, my guess wasn’t right this time)
82.29% for Mitoy from team Lea (all remaining contestants should be scared of him now!)

3/4 guesses, not bad for me! :)

Coach’s Save

Bamboo saved Isabella (I wasn’t surprised, I feel like I know Bamboo’s favorites, Lee Grane being one)
Sarah saved Klarisse (she was the better singer of course but Yuki adds flavor to the show)
Apl saved Penelope (it should have been Tristan)
Lea saved Kimpoy (it’s a no-brainer)

It’s heartbreaking that the judges had to choose between contestants they may have already been too close with. But it’s a competition and that’s just how it works for the show.

See you next week for the third live show! 

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