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Lechon Past, Present, and Future

Were you expecting something like the history of lechon? :D Sorry to disappoint you. But a thought just crossed my mind about lechon and I wanted to share it.

I believe that… lechon is the past, the present, and even the future. As a plain lechon dish, it’s the present. But once it’s been recycled (sorry for the word) into another dish such as lechon paksiw, it is already past. Lechon (Paksiw) on the other hand is the future of plain old crispy lechon.


lechon paksiw

To sum it up:

Past (of lechon paksiw) equals lechon
Present is lechon as it is
Future of plain lechon is lechon (paksiw)

So you agree now? Lechon is the past, present, and future?! :D

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