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Christian Filipina – a Christian Dating Site

Looking for a Christian dating site? Then is for you!

Someone sent a spam mail err… an invite so I joined. I created a profile and started browsing through the site. My first impression is that it is but another dating site full of mature foreign men who may usually be in their 50’s looking for a new young wife (could be their 3rd or so) who’s half their age, or vice versa, a young Pinay in search of an older foreigner husband she will milk for money. Sorry for being blunt but that’s how it is.

Yet on the contrary, my first impression of the site didn’t last. It’s not what I thought it was. There were women of all ages and local Pinoy men too. Although it is supposedly a Christian site, it may still invite potential scammers. Thus, the site offers protection for both parties so none can con anyone within the network.

Typical Dating Sites

I am a bit judgmental and biased when it comes to dating sites. You can’t blame me since there were countless women who had been raped or even murdered by men they meet in dating sites. As for men, it is at least less dangerous and most often than not, they simply get scammed.

Christian Filipina is quite different from usual dating sites. From the name itself, you can deduce that members are Christians regardless of the religious sect or denomination they belong to. That alone can be reassuring knowing that many, if not all members are genuine hearted individuals who are really in search for someone special with no monkey business in mind.

The site enables you to build your profile with enough information including photos (hopefully your photos and not of someone else’s ;) for potential interested members to see. There’s no porn on the site by the way because obscenities (yep, even dirty talking) is not allowed and can be reported. ;)

Christian Dating Site


However, under free membership, your access to certain features available is limited. You can only send generic messages. Personalized PMs is only possible if either you or the person you are chatting with have upgraded. Upgrades are available for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, to a year with a corresponding fee.

Free Upgrade

Great news if you know how to dabble with video making because you can simply create a video about the site and upload it through video sharing sites like YouTube for a possible free upgrade. You can make a video about why you joined the site, how you use the features, screen shots of tutorials, or anything else you can think of which relates to the website. You will be awarded with an upgrade based on how valuable your video is. It may even be featured on Christian Filipina’s network if they really like it.

Suggestions to Find Someone Special on Christian Filipina

If you’re really seriously going to hunt for a special someone through the site, I would suggest the following to increase your chances of finding a possible mate:
  • Complete your profile. Make sure to include your interests, talents, and everything else you’d like your future partner to know.
  • Make sure to upload enough photos too! Show that killer smize! Smize by the way is not plain old smiling. It’s a smile with sparkles in your eyes according to Ms. Tyra Banks. It’s a term she coined at America’s Next Stop Model.
  • Specify what type of person you’re looking for. Christian Filipina does allow you to indicate physical features, hobbies, and background you’d like in a potential partner.
  • Sign up for suggested members via email. Suggestions will be based on members who fit into the qualities you’ve indicated.
  • Lastly, don’t be shy. If there’s anyone you are interested with, you can always make the first move by sending pre-written message. Any of you can always upgrade if you’d like to move on to the next level. You may also attempt to connect outside the site although it is not advised to give out personal contact information. 

Are you now ready for love or at least for dating a Christian online? Join Christian Filipina by clicking here

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