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Weather Related Emergency Assistance

At this time when monsoon rains haven’t ceased pouring and floods devastate various places all over the Philippines, you need to know whom or where to seek for weather related emergency assistance.

Naturally, your first resource includes family, relatives, or neighbors and friends. But if they’re as helpless as you are, then you should be aware of other sources to ask help from for medical needs or rescue missions. 

Local Government Units (LGU)

-      starting at the lowest hierarchy such as barangay officials

If you can send anyone safely to a government official or office, then do so. Otherwise, make a call to any office or official you are able to reach.

Government Agencies

-      including the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and its provincial counterparts (PDRRMC)

NDRRMC can be reached through the following options below (see image). I’m sure that they can also connect you to a PDRRMC hotline in case you live in the provinces.

Non-government Organizations (NGO)

The Philippine Red Cross is a notable NGO but it’s only one among many. Church organizations are also approachable when it comes to disaster assistance.

The Red Cross can be reached through the following means by the way:
Phone: 527-0000


Television channels, radio stations, and print media also openly help in times of need.

One noteworthy group should be Rescue 5 from TV5. You can reach them through the following options:
Phone: 922-5155

I’d also like to include PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society for animal related assistance as they have openly expressed their willingness to temporarily shelter your pets if your home has been ravaged by flood.

Contact PAWS through the following:
Phone: 475-1688

Emergency Hotline Numbers

Please refer to this page from for emergency hotlines numbers which include NDRRMC, the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Red Cross, and LGUs -

Apart from these, you should also have phone numbers of important offices handy including the nearby hospitals or medical personnel at least as well as your local fire and police station. 

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