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America’s Next Top Model 2.0 Guys & Girls

Would you believe that America’s Next Top Model 2.0 Guys & Girls is the 20th cycle? Yes! 2.0 is actually 20 and it’s been 20 cycles since the very first ANTM. 

America’s Next Top Model 2.0 Guys & Girls
the top 16 from
This season offers several firsts. One of which include bringing in guys into the competition. PR maven Kelly Cutrone and social media correspondent Brian Boy (a Pinoy fashion blogger) returns to the show with of course Tyra Banks as host. Male supermodel Rob Evans is introduced as a new judge along with mentor Johnny Wujek. This makes it an even panel of 2 guys and 2 girls, complementing this cycle’s format.

Scores are tallied in the same manner as the previous season, College Edition which includes scores from the judges, challenge, and social media (audience). I missed the previous cycle. The last time I watched was during All Stars and the British Invasion.

Episode Recap

The pilot episode is a two hour special and featured the first 35 auditionee who were called back. They walked down the runway with a chosen partner. This number was later trimmed down to 26 at the hilltop top model home. But only 16 official contestants were chosen. Their first task during episode 3 was to walk down the runway from the building’s rooftop with only a harness to support them. The challenge winner won a trip to a Guess (one of the cycle’s major sponsors) suite. Then there was a photo shoot featuring different types of marriages as theme.

I have no idea whether it was a coincidence that a male and a female contestant were eliminated but it appears that two contestants will sent home every week.

Check out Wikipedia for a complete list of the top 16 contestants – click here!

Who Stands Out

Most of the finalists actually stand out due to their interesting personalities. Some of which include Bianca, the flirty pretty, who was unfortunately one of the first two to be eliminated. Chris S. despite being small at 5’10” was a good contender although he was the other finalist who was also eliminated. Mike, a crooner, was in the bottom 3. Bianca’s kiss the night before panel judging when he was quite drunk may have been an unintentional farewell kiss. Too bad, even Hispanic Marvin who’s now proud that his dad is janitor will miss her as well.

Virgg, who didn’t make it to top 26 is an inspiration for the third sex populace. She was undergoing hormonal therapy in preparation for sex reassignment surgery before she quit for medical reasons. The therapy took a toll on her body. Cory, is also gay and brings life to the pack. So does quirky Nina. Chris H. tried too hard but was bullied for wanting to belong. As for the serious types, there’s Jourdan who was married and got divorced at 18 along with Christian virgin Jeremy who has the hots for Jourdan. Alexandra also has an interesting story; from riches to rags. The rest all have similarly fascinating stories to tell.

So who will be America’s Next Top Model 2.0 Guys & Girls winner? Watch and see. 

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