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5 Wrong Reasons to Help Others

We often always automatically associate helping to be right. But there are also wrong reasons to help others.

Portraying a Good Image

In Filipino, we call it “pakitang tao” or the portrayal of a good image through the pretense of extending assistance. A perfect example of this is evident in government officials. Although it’s quite judgmental to say that politicians aid people for the sake of image, you can’t blame constituents for thinking so, most especially because of timing. If they were very helpful during election campaign period but were no longer found after winning, then that’s more than enough reason to question their motive.

Again, as I’ve mentioned in the previous post - Donate or Volunteer for Weather Disaster Relief Operations, former Sen. Dick Gordon’s participation in Red Cross rescue and relief missions this past typhoon Maring and SW monsoon onslaught is commendable. He is readily available to help although he wasn’t elected into office.

Expectations in Return

Admittedly, we sometimes help while expecting something in return like a favor or to be able to seek assistance too in case we need it in the future. It is nobler to pay it forward instead. We help out because we’ve experienced assistance from someone else too so we’re helping others in the same way we have been assisted in the past.

Superiority Complex

Sometimes there is a sense of pride in when helping people. Egotistically, you feel more superior to others and look down on them as if they’re inferior because they need your help.

Inferiority Complex

This is the exact opposite of the previous reason. Some are forced to help because they were intimidated. Any form of intimidation is included. Help seekers can be angry and lash at you or make you look evil for not helping.

What’s even sadder is when you can’t even help yourself and yet you have to help another.

Because it Feels Good

Many are helpful because it feels good. But believe it or not, it’s actually selfish in a sense. The “feel good” feeling you get afterwards benefits you psychologically. Hence, it’s about what you feel; it’s about you.

I like how GMA Sagip Kapamilya says it in their donation invitation poster; “not just because it feels good but because we should.”

 The ideas above are but timely since many of our fellowmen need assistance after typhoon Maring and SW monsoon wreaked havoc to life and property.

Help is not always equated with anything monetary in nature. Volunteering to repackage relief goods will also do. So extend assistance in any way you can and don’t be discouraged to help amidst the 10 billion peso pork barrel fund scam issue.

Anyone can be disheartened knowing that funds which would have been better off utilized to prevent floods were spent elsewhere. Hello Napoles family, particularly Jeane Napoles and her lavish lifestyle in the U.S. ;) Apparently, she owns a Ritz Carlton residence, a Porshe Boxster, and countless signature shoes and clothing. Not to mention her extravagant birthday party. There goes your taxes everyone.

Whether right or wrong, it’s always a must to help. 

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