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Stem Cell for Skin Care

Stem cell is becoming more popular as an alternative scientific breakthrough supposedly beneficial for the treatment of various diseases and health conditions. This explains why this new medical technology is now being used for various purposes including stem cell for skin care. 

stem cell for skin care
Sources of Stem Cells

Stem cells are harvested from various parts of the body. But recent developments make plants suitable stem cell donors now; one of which includes apples.

Although the ethical use of stem cell is currently being debated, it is at least known and recognized that stem cells can rejuvenate and repair anything from organs, tissues, and even nerves. This is why the stakes are high for stem cells when it comes to skin care. It is hoped that stem cells can help combat skin aging and improve overall skin condition.

More Benefits of Stem Cells
Stem Cell in the Philippines

In the Philippines, I’ve accidentally discovered skin care products with stem cell content through Royale Business Club Philippines. It’s called L'Opulent. More information about this line of skin care products is available on this page:

Being a Royale Business Club Philippines member, I also sell the product. 

Despite current doubts about it in the news recently, stem cell for skin care is as promising as other products and procedures offered by stem cell. 

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