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Breakfast at Better Living

There’s this little pasty shop you probably won’t even notice unless you’ve lived in the area for quite sometime. They serve gourmet coffee and delectable desserts on the sides. It’s breakfast at Better Living (Paranaque) as I’d like to call it. 

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The shop is located before the gates of Scienceville. It’s beside a mini-mart which is right infront of a more familiar Mini Stop outlet. It’s really unnoticeable unless you actually walk right inside and see a display of several cakes and pastries inside its glass display counter while drinks including hot or cold gourmet coffee are listed on the menu.

There are only a few seats but it’s enough to accommodate guests who are on solo, with someone, or dining with a few folks. It’s really such a small shop but it’s big when it comes to serving a hearty breakfast or at least a cup of your favorite cappuccino, latter, and other types of coffee drinks. 

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