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Sessions with a Personal Life Coach

Business coaches who offer coaching in terms of business and finances abound but there are not many personal life coach professionals available. This is because life coaches offer the same psychological benefits present when availing the services of a psychologists.

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Medical Plaza, Amorsolo St., corner Dela Rosa St. Legazpi Village
But life coaches go above and beyond the usual “talk therapy.” Life coach practitioners utilize methods which greatly benefits anyone going through tough times in life. Attending life coach sessions will be advantageous for you if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • loss a sense of direction in life
  • needs to think through a major decision in life
  • wants to overcome phobias
  • plans to give up vices like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc.
  • have experienced anything traumatic where the person find it difficult to cope up or move on
  • personal healing
Medical Plaza - look for life coach Ms. Kimi Lu

But the sessions can only do so much. If you are skeptical about the validity of the methods used, it will be best not to attend any session at all and seek other means to achieve your goal. Speaking of other options, there are implications associated with hiring a life coach. One vital question you need to answer is this: are you desperate enough to seek professional help that you think friends or family won’t be able to help you? In a sense, seeking life coaches instead of communicating with people you know for guidance may appear as if you don’t trust their wisdom and would prefer an outsider.

Aside from such issues, paying for a life coach session is also expensive. Be ready to prepare at least Php 5,000.

As for me, I was able to attend only two sessions. But from which, I’ve personally experienced healing from within. I’ve outlined the sessions and what’s included below:

Session 1

I. Breathing and Relaxation
A. Counting 1 to 10
1. Count backwards from 10 to 1 commanding each body part to relax.
2. Count from 1 to 10 to alert the same bodily parts
B. 1 minute relaxed breathing
-like breathe in and breathe out

II. Mantra 
For example, “live now!”

III. Write 3 things you are most thankful for during the day in a journal

IV. Blisstification
Be blistified by tapping wrists lightly to store positive energy when you’re happy (like endorphins) and utilize the same stored bliss whenever you need them.

Session 2

I. Send love and light to anyone (like a prayer)

II. Parts Integration
Understand what each parts you want (they only want what’s best)
1. Ask if they want to cooperate.
2. Lead them to a specific palm.
3. Ask what each part wants (example: like the part which wants to quit smoking and the part which doesn’t).
4. Slowly they will join in the middle through clasp palms as one.
5. The heart receives it.

III. Ball of Energy
1. Rub hands.
2. Wipe from head to hands.
3. Transfer the energy to a ball.
4. Throw the ball away and let the universe deal with it (like anger, hatred, animosity, etc.)

IV. Timeline Regression
Nothing fancy. None of those reincarnation, past life, hypnosis induced experience. You just remember the traumatic experience to forgive and let go.

Sessions apply the following:
  1. Neuro-linguistic programming. Much like programming the brain through repetition such as the mantra above.
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Reiki (healing)
Sessions normally last for an hour but you can have it extended to two hours each just to maximize your time with the life coach. 

As to why it worked for me is psychological in nature. There were no medications like anti-depressants or what not involved. It’s just me against the inner me. Although I can deal with it from within, outside help like that from a personal life coach definitely made healing more possible. 

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