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My Husband’s Lover on GMA 7

Stories about third parties in marital and romantic relationships which are abundant in movies have now infiltrated television. So if you have loved No Other Woman, The Mistress, Secret Affair, and the like, then you’d definitely enjoy My Husband’s Lover over GMA 7.

my husband's lover

Unlike the usual femme fatale third party, this show talks about homosexual and bisexual relationships. The guy is still the guilty party but this time around, the third party is not another woman but a man. Countless gay men get married and have kids with women but it doesn’t change their homosexual nature. This is what My Husband’s Lover is all about.

The first chapter of the program chronicling how Vincent and Lally’s relationship started including how Vincent’s homosexual past with Eric preceded it is worthy to be applauded. The story had recently progressed: Vincent and Lally’s twins are in school, Vincent’s parents disapprove the young couple’s plans to build their own home, and the house is to be designed by Eric, who became an architect and had recently come home from the U.S.

I’m sure the next chapters will be more daring and thought provoking but for now, let me just say that this show certainly deserves viewing time for all moral and societal issues it is presenting. It presents homosexuals and bisexuals and how they are treated by their families and society in general (either acceptance or disdain).

Cast and Characters

Lally Agatep-Soriano – Carla Abellana
Vincent Soriano – Tom Rodriguez
Eric del Mundo – Dennis Trillo
Elaine Soriano (Vincent’s mom) - Kuh Ledesma
Armando Soriano (Vincent’s dad) - Roi Vinzon
Sandra Agatep (Lally’s mother) - Glydel Mercado
Sol "Sinag" del Mundo (Eric’s supportive mom) – Chanda Romero
Evelyn Agatep (Lally’s older sister who married early like her) – Karel Marquez
Vicky Araneta (Lally’s bestfriend) –Bettina Carlos
David (Vincent’s ex-lover) – Victor Basa
Danny (Eric’s bestfriend at present) – Kevin Santos
Paul (Lally’s college classmate who still loves her) – Pancho Magno

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