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Basic Makeup Tips for Day and Night Look

Here’s what I’ve learned from a short, informal, crash course with a local makeup artist who previously worked for a local David’s Salon branch. Our connection actually turned out sour for reasons I can’t disclose here but I am in gratitude for everything I’ve learned even if I don’t actually apply it. I’m not a makeup person. Here are the basic makeup tips nonetheless:

Day Makeup
  1. Apply wet foundation through a sponge assigned for all wet applications first. Always apply upwards using the wet sponge except for the lips which will be applied with foundation dry. Follow through with the dry foundation foam.
  2. For eye shadows, use Earth colors during the day. Wet the applicator so it lasts longer. Pat on the sides and distribute through a makeup brush to extend above and below the eye lid. 
    basic makeup tips
    Eyeshadow from e.l.f.
  3. Use a lighter color above the eyes (below brows) to create contrast and emphasize the colors.
  4. Liquid eyeliner extends towards the sides, pointing upwards.
  5. For eyebrow pencil, it is applied at the ends only; lightly and distributed with a brow brush.
  6. Lipstick is applied while lips are on “ngiting aso” pose. Quite funny but it will effectively distribute the lipstick shade.
  7. Create a nose line through the same colors; distributed through the foam, with foundation in between.

Night Makeup
  1. Same as procedure above but with darker colors and heavier applications
  2. Add highlight on the sides of the eyes.

There you have it! Simple and basic makeup tips for day and night looks. 

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